12th Annual Computer Security Incident Handling Conference
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The annual FIRST Conference, sponsored by First.Org, Inc., is the only event of its kind. It focuses on the field of computer security incident handling and response. In recognition of the global spread of computer networks and the common problems faced by computer owners, the conference is held in different parts of the world. Past conference locations include Brisbane (Australia), Monterrey (Mexico) and Santa Clara (California, U.S.).

The presentations are international in scope and include the latest in incident response and prevention, ulnerability analysis, and computer security. Additionally, these events serve as the foundation for the improvement of computer security worldwide via the sharing of goals, ideas, and information.

      FIRST Registration Information

Early Registration: $975/person, if before May 12, 2000. Discounted rates are available for FIRST members and sponsors. Late Registration: $1250/person, if after May 12, 2000. The 12th Annual FIRST conference will be held in downtown Chicago, Illinois. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago is home to nearly three million people.

For the Registration Booking Form, click here. Capacity is limited - be sure your conference registration is confirmed before arranging travel.

Where to stay?
The Hotel Inter-Continental Chicago has rooms available for $179/night, plus tax, if you book by June 5, 2000. For more information or to make a reservation, please call +1 (312) 944-4100 or +1 (800) 628-2112. http://www.chicago.interconti.com/

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      Who Should Attend?

  • Members and non-members of FIRST who are working in the field of computer security incident handling. This includes, but it is not restricted to, incident response teams, law enforcement, consultants, contractors, and vendors.

  • Any person with an interest in computer security who is willing to meet other security professionals in the area of incident response, to improve his/her security program with the ideas presented, to save time searching for tools and resources, and to join in the sharing of a wide range experience and knowledge.

  • Any person chartered with the setup of a new incident response team will gain insight on the activities performed by established incident response teams.

  • Members of incident response teams who are looking forward to joining FIRST will have the opportunity to meet the FIRST community.

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