FIRST - Improving Security Together 17th Annual Conference - June 2005 Singapore

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June 26 — July 1, 2005
Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

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Registration Terms and Conditions

A. Registration Process and Payment Methods

  1. Capacity is limited to 400 attendees. Registrations will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Registrants should obtain confirmation from the Registration Office before committing to other travel arrangements.
  2. Accommodation costs are not included in the conference registration fee. Attendees are responsible for making their own lodging arrangements.
  3. FIRST cannot be responsible for your spam filters blocking your confirmation email. Please be sure your spam filters will allow mail from
  4. Conference registrations will not be confirmed until the completed form and payment is received and processed by Registration Office.
  5. On-site Registration will only be accepted with credit cards

B. Cancellation Policy

  1. Conference registration can be cancelled only in writing to FIRST Registration Office.
  2. Conference registrations cancelled on or before May 15th, will be entitled to a 40% refund. Registrations cancelled after May 15th will not be entitled to a refund. Substitutions may be made at any time. If you wish to substitute a participant, please contact Registration Office at the earliest opportunity.
  3. All refunds will be made after the Conference and within two months.

C. Conference program

  1. Conference program is subject to change

D. Participation and behavior on FIRST activities

  1. Attendance and participation at the FIRST Annual General Meeting and FIRST Steering Committee meetings is limited to FIRST team members and their invited guests, subject to approval by the Steering Committee.
  2. FIRST attendees are expected to behave professionally. Excessive use of obscene language, abusive behavior, threatening behavior directed to any other conference attendee are not conducive to a learning environment.

E. Personal Information

  1. Please note that participant contact details will be kept on the FIRST database, which will only be used by FIRST.
  2. Unless Registration Office has received an explicit request from registrant disallowing to share his/her contact information (through the Registration Form), a list of all attendees, their affiliation institutions and e-mails will be included in the delegate packs.
  3. The e-mail addresses will also be used to circulate last minute details and announcements of future FIRST events.
  4. If you would like your record to be deleted after the conference, please notify FIRST by email ( or in writing to FIRST Registration Office.

F. FIRST-provided Internet access (AUP)

  1. The following uses of FIRST-provided Internet access are not permitted:
    1. to access, upload, download, or distribute pornographic, obscene, or sexually explicit material;
    2. to transmit obscene, abusive, or sexually explicit language;
    3. to violate any local, state, or federal statute;
    4. to access, download, or distribute information from web sites of groups or persons advocating hate crimes, or other violence against members of the populace, without the prior approval of the administration and under strict supervision
    5. to vandalize, damage, or disable the property of another individual or organization;
    6. to access another individual's materials, information, or files without permission;
    7. to use scanning or hacking exploit tools on public networks; and, to violate copyright or otherwise use the intellectual property of another individual or organization without permission.

G. Personal Property

  1. First.Org, Inc. accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.