Marrakesh 2016 FIRST TC

Marrakesh (MAR), 26 – 28 September, 2016

Hosted by UNDP


The second annual Cybersecurity for Developing Nations Conference and FIRST TC is one of the premier conferences in the world of international development. Sponsored by the United Nations Development Program and FIRST, the conference provides an open forum for development policy decision makers in government, academia, private industry and NGOs to discuss their ideas for improving cybersecurity and resiliency for critical national infrastructure in developing nations. The event also features a TC/technical track designed to build capacity in the critical skills of cyber-incident response. Participants in the technical workshops will receive valuable technical training in cyber-incident response, which they can then use to improve the cyber-response capabilities in their home countries.

The event will take place September 26-28 in beautiful Moroccan city of Marrakesh. Marrakesh was the capital of ancient empires; the home of religious saints and has today become a hip destination for musicians, artists, film directors and actors, models, and fashion divas. The event will be held at the newly built Radisson Blu hotel. After the first day of the conference, participants will be able to network with their counterparts at an evening dinner and cultural event for which attendance is optional and the money will be collected on-site (est to be around $50 USD).

Who should attend

Persons working in cybersecurity, resilience and development policy from governments of developing nations, academia, private industry and non-governmental development organisations. Participants from around the world will be attending the event.

Training Courses

FIRST is offering the following training courses on Sept 27-28th. These introductory (Beginner Level) half day courses are intended for new teams or organizations that wish to start a CSIRT Team. You can review the course descriptions below and a final schedule is pending. #### Module Descriptions

Prerequisites: None

Module 1: CSIRT Fundamentals
This module examines what incident management is and how it fits into various frameworks, defines what a CSIRT is and its role in incident management, and steps through organizational planning issues around creation of a CSIRT.

Module 2: Starting with a CSIRT
This module walks through how CSIRT leaders and managers would set up and manage a newly created CSIRT. It covers both the external processes of meeting the needs of stakeholders and community and the internal processes of policies, configuration, and planning.

Module 3: CSIRT Operation
This module steps through the incident management process in detail, including how to improve incident handling techniques, and also steps through best practices for publishing communications about incidents, working with the media, and testing and verifying incident management processes.

Module 4: Working with Information Sources
This module steps through how to work with information sources to gather critical information, including open-source intelligence and proprietary intelligence. It also examines processes for information exchange.

Module 5: Incident Coordination
This module focuses on how to handle major security events and coordinate incident responses with external entities such as vendors, law enforcement, and various types of organizations.

Module 6: CSIRT Performance Measurement
This module establishes methods to measure and improve the effectiveness of a CSIRT by using performance analysis and maturity models.


Marrakesh 2016 FIRST Technical Colloquium

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The event will be held at Radisson Blu hotel, located at:

166-176 avenue Mohamed V 40000 40000
Phone: +212 525 077000