Alain Labossiere

Liaison Information
Short liaison name Alain Labossiere
Official liaison name Alain Labossiere
Member since December 31, 2015
Host organization Innovation, Science and Economic Development
Country Canada  CA
Liaison Contact Information
Facsimile number NA
Business hours
Timezone Eastern
Specification of business hours 7/24
How to contact liaison outside business hours email, phone.
PGP key id 0xDF8E4B237E4E7B51
PGP fingerprint B1AB4826036C3140B6FAE7DFDF8E4B237E4E7B51
Team PGP public key B1AB 4826 036C 3140 B6FA E7DF DF8E 4B23 7E4E 7B51  
Alain Labossiere
Updated on October 8, 2015 15:18 UTC

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