Marie Elisabeth Gaup Moe (Suspended)

Liaison Information
Short liaison name Marie Elisabeth Gaup Moe
Official liaison name Marie Elisabeth Gaup Moe
Member since June 10, 2017
Host organization SINTEF
Country Norway  NO
Liaison Contact Information
Facsimile number N/A
Business hours
Timezone UTC+01:00
PGP key id 0x4544AFEA517DC093
PGP fingerprint 730D63FF7EA1B330823E51274544AFEA517DC093
Team PGP public key 730D 63FF 7EA1 B330 823E 5127 4544 AFEA 517D C093  
Marie Moe
Marie Moe
Updated on April 30, 2015 20:14 UTC
Expired on May 3, 2020 11:10 UTC
PGP key is expired.

Liaison contact information provided for Incident Response purposes only. FIRST strictly prohibits the use of contact information for solicitation or marketing.

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