Avast CERT

Team Information
Team name Avast CERT
Official team name Avast CERT
Member since November 19, 2021
Host organization Avast software
Country of team Czechia  CZ
Other countries of team Australia, Canada, Netherlands (the), United States of America (the)  AU  CA  NL  US
Date of establishment 2019-08-01
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +420 274 005 666
Emergency telephone number +420 274 007 870
E-mail address
Postal address Avast Software s.r.o. Pikrtova 1737 140 00 Praha 4-Nusle
Business Hours
Timezone GMT
Description of business hours 09:00-16:00
How to contact outside business hours We are available 24/7 at soc@avast.com
Type of Constituency Other commercial
Source of Constituency Internal to host
Description of Constituency Our mission is to protect online security and privacy through our cross-platform privacy (VPN, AntiTrack) and cyber security (Antivirus, Anti-ransomware) products, both free and premium. The constituency is defined by internal systems and infrastructure of Avast and IP services related to Avast products, used by our customers. We are running bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure program for security researchers to enforce our security posture.
Internet Domain Address *.avast.com *.avg.com *.ccleaner.com *.hidemyass.com *.evernym.com
Country of Constituency Czechia  CZ
PGP key id 0xFA2C55A4B09C0CE6
PGP fingerprint 20338FC0549E0516D797FD8EFA2C55A4B09C0CE6
Team PGP public key 2033 8FC0 549E 0516 D797 FD8E FA2C 55A4 B09C 0CE6  
soc-trusted_introducer <soc@avast.com>
Updated on July 7, 2020 09:17 UTC
Expires on July 7, 2022 10:00 UTC

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