Team Information
Team name CSIRT-CCIT
Official team name Computer Security Incident Response Team of the Colombian Informatics and Telecommunications Chamber
Member since July 31, 2013
Host organization Cámara Colombiana de Informática y Telecomunicaciones CCIT
Country of team Colombia  CO
Date of establishment 2009-01-01
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +57-1-756-34-58
Emergency telephone number +57-1-756-34-58
E-mail address
Facsimile number +57-1-756-34-55
Postal address Carrera 11A No.93 – 67 Oficina 401 Bogotá, Colombia (Zip Code 110221)
Business Hours
Timezone GMT-5
Description of business hours Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 17:00 (GMT-5)
How to contact outside business hours The contact must be through e-mail message to contacto@csirt-ccit.org.co
Description of Constituency CCIT, as Colombian guild which groups the major private enterprises within the informatics and telecommunications sector, and as administrator of the Colombian Internet Exchange Point (NAP Colombia2), wants to offer to its members one single point of
Internet Domain Address www.ccit.org.co www.nap.co
Country of Constituency Colombia  CO
PGP key id 0xFBAB029BFD63E1DF
PGP fingerprint 0C29AD16DF40D89DBC6C22B3FBAB029BFD63E1DF
Team PGP public key 0C29 AD16 DF40 D89D BC6C 22B3 FBAB 029B FD63 E1DF  
CSIRT-CCIT Colombia <contacto@csirt-ccit.org.co>
Updated on March 31, 2014 16:10 UTC
Expired on March 31, 2016 17:00 UTC
PGP key is expired.

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