Team Information
Team name EnergiCERT
Official team name EnergiCERT
Member since February 18, 2022
Host organization EnergiCERT is owned by Dansk Energi, Dansk Fjernvarme & Energinet
Country of team Denmark  DK
Date of establishment 2020-04-30
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +4588327140
Emergency telephone number +4588327140
E-mail address
Other communication facilities Signal, MatterMost, Slack
Postal address Sommerfuglevej 2A DK-6000 Kolding Denmark
Business Hours
Timezone CEST
Description of business hours 8-16 weekdays
How to contact outside business hours +4588327140
Type of Constituency Industrial sector
Source of Constituency External to host
Description of Constituency Energy companies in Denmark. Includes both remote heating, power generation, power distribution, power transmission, and balancing of power.
Internet Domain Address Not possible. More than 400 companies who each own their own IP ranges.
Country of Constituency Denmark  DK
PGP key id 0xB877311564F5AE13
PGP fingerprint 86B4C9C85C53513C1D8F6F14B877311564F5AE13
Team PGP public key 86B4 C9C8 5C53 513C 1D8F 6F14 B877 3115 64F5 AE13  
Energicert <info@energicert.dk>
Updated on October 5, 2020 11:53 UTC
Expires on October 5, 2024 11:53 UTC

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