Evonik CERT

Team Information
Team name Evonik CERT
Official team name Evonik CERT
Member since May 22, 2016
Host organization Evonik Industries AG
Country of team Germany  DE
Date of establishment 2009-06-17
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +49-201-173-1705
Emergency telephone number +49-2365-496060
E-mail address
Other communication facilities You can also send a mail WITHOUT confidential information to cdt@evonik.com A team member will contact you to exchange mails with PGP or S/MIME using our secure mail gateway.
Postal address Evonik Industries AG Goldschmidtstrasse 100 45127 Essen
Business Hours
Timezone GMT + 1
Description of business hours 8:00am - 4:00pm
How to contact outside business hours There is a list of the mobile phone number of all CERT members for the service desk. The network security team has a standby service and will be informed if no CERT member can be reached.
Type of Constituency Industrial sector
Source of Constituency Internal to host
Description of Constituency Evonik Industries AG is a chemical company
Internet Domain Address evonik.com
Country of Constituency Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Europe, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea (the Republic of), Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the), United States of America (the)  AT  BE  BR  CN  EU  DE  ID  IT  JP  KR  MY  MX  NZ  SG  ZA  ES  GB  US
PGP key id 0x3025BA52DD98DEEF
PGP fingerprint 35CFC02E009BD1D0116AC6863025BA52DD98DEEF
Team PGP public key 35CF C02E 009B D1D0 116A C686 3025 BA52 DD98 DEEF  
Evonik CERT (official public key of the Computer Emergency Response Team of Evonik Industries) (official public key of the Computer Emergency Response Team of Evonik Industries) <evonik-cert@evonik.com>
Updated on March 19, 2012 14:40 UTC
Expires on October 30, 2022 10:00 UTC

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