MassMutual CIRT

Team Information
Team name MassMutual CIRT
Official team name MassMutual Cyber Incident Response Team
Member since September 16, 2016
Host organization MassMutual Financial Group
Country of team United States of America (the)  US
Date of establishment 2015-01-01
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +1-413-744-4762
Emergency telephone number +1-413-744-4762
E-mail address
Other communication facilities Secondary Locations: 11001 N Black Canyon Highway Phoenix, AZ 85029 470 Atlantic Ave Boston, MA 02210
Postal address Main Location: 1295 State St Springfield, MA 01111
Business Hours
Timezone UTC-5
Description of business hours Manned 0700(UTC-5)-0500(UTC-7), On Call 0500(UTC-7)-0700(UTC-5)
How to contact outside business hours +1-413-744-4762
Type of Constituency Financial sector
Source of Constituency Internal to host
Description of Constituency The CIRT’s mission is to reduce the operational impact of cyber incidents and subsequently minimize any risk to the MassMutual IT infrastructure from security events that may pose a threat to the integrity, confidentiality,
Internet Domain Address
Country of Constituency United States of America (the)  US

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