Team Information
Team name MT-CSIRT
Official team name Government of Malta Computer Security Incident Response Team
Member since January 2, 2013
Host organization MITA
Country of team Malta  MT
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number 00356 2599 2799
E-mail address
Postal address Security Operations Centre Information Security and Governance Department Old Railway Track Road St. Venera STV 9019 Malta
Business Hours
Timezone GMT +1
Description of business hours 0800 - 1700
Type of Constituency Government & military
Source of Constituency Both external and internal
Country of Constituency Malta  MT
PGP key id 0x037732E474744632
PGP fingerprint 94FCDCA63F579FCD087096C0037732E474744632
Team PGP public key 94FC DCA6 3F57 9FCD 0870 96C0 0377 32E4 7474 4632  
Malta Information Technology Agency - Security Operations Centre <>
Updated on April 5, 2018 08:38 UTC

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