Team Information
Team name RENFE
Official team name RENFE-Operadora
Member since January 18, 2018
Country of team Spain  ES
Date of establishment 2005-01-01
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +34 91 490 37 47
E-mail address
Business Hours
Timezone CET
Description of business hours 24x7
How to contact outside business hours Telephone 24x7
Type of Constituency Other commercial
Source of Constituency Both external and internal
Description of Constituency Public Transport
Internet Domain Address
Country of Constituency Spain  ES
PGP key id 0x97F687E2C4776537
PGP fingerprint 6ADFFDCF136DD196423DEC7D97F687E2C4776537
Team PGP public key 6ADF FDCF 136D D196 423D EC7D 97F6 87E2 C477 6537  
Centro de Coordinación de Ciberseguridad Renfe <>
Updated on August 11, 2016 07:16 UTC
Expired on August 10, 2021 07:16 UTC
PGP key is expired.

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