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Program Summary

Main Conference

Over 35 countries are represented at the Annual FIRST Conference - the crossroads where policy and decision makers with overall security responsibility, technical staff who implements security solutions, computer security teams, law enforcement, vendors and other IT professionals meet to exchange viewpoints, ideas and experiences. The latest issues in incidents response and prevention, vulnerabilities analysis, forensics and related aspects of computer security will be addressed at the 16th Annual FIRST Conference! The Annual FIRST Conference is a unique event.

See the Conference Schedule

The 2004 conference program is an exciting combination of technology and management sessions as well as reports on FIRST activities. Our keynote speakers include Mr. Jacques Bus, Head of the Unit on ICT for Trust and Security for the European Commission; Kálmán Kovács, Minister of Informatics and Communications of Hungarian Government; Dave Aucsmith, CTO Security Division for the Microsoft Corp.; Joseph Moan, Corporate Legal Advisor at The Coca-Cola Company, and Larry Hale, Deputy Director from US-CERT, Dept. of Homeland Security.


FIRST Conference offers focused tutorials conducted by respected experts in their fields who will give the attendees - beginners or experienced - an opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge on relevant issues of a specific topic. They are usually presented in two parallel streams (tracks): technical and management.

This year there will be one full-day and five half-day tutorials:

  • Creating and Managing Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) (full-day tutorial)
  • Establishing a Formal Program Vulnerability Discovery (half-day tutorial)
  • Inside Microsoft Security (half-day tutorial)
  • Creating a Process Map for Incident Management (half-day tutorial)
  • Fighting Internet Diseases: DDoS, Worms and Miscreants (half-day tutorial)
  • Workshop on Network Flow Analysis (half-day tutorial)

Teams Update Panel

The opportunity for you to publicly introduce your CSIRT and to share with other conference participants your team´s current activities, projects, initiatives, etc. All CSIRTs -FIRST Members or not- which will have a member attending the conference are encouraged to participate.

This year, the panel will be held on Wednesday afternoon, providing 5 to 10 minutes slot, depending on the amount of information to be presented and the number of volunteers coming forward. To arrange a short presentation, please contact the panel moderator Antonio Liu (first-sec@first.org) for further details.

Special Meetings and Activities

Bird-of-Feather Sessions (BoFs)

These informal, interactive information gatherings are set up by and for attendees who are interested in a particular topic. A great way for you to meet peers from around the world to exchange ideas, discuss issues, and share experiences and solutions. Open to all conference registrants.

In the weeks before the conference, we open the floor and encourage you to suggest topics for BoFs that you would like to see or would be willing to lead. BoFs may be scheduled during the conference at the Registration Desk.

This year the BoFs sessions will be held on Tuesday June 15, 19:00-21:00.

Annual General Meeting - AGM (closed meeting)

Each year, FIRST team members formally meet at AGM, a closed meeting held during FIRST annual conferences which aims to provide teams a space for discussing about specific issues of common interest to FIRST community and any other matter affecting the FIRST organization as a whole. A great opportunity for teams to exchange about FIRST activities, initiatives and plans.

Each team is expected to be represented. Attendance and participation at the FIRST AGMs is limited to FIRST Team Representatives, FIRST Team Members and their invited guests.

FIRST Steering Committee Meeting (closed meeting)

This face-to-face meeting is one of the various meetings scheduled each year by Steering Committee (SC) in order to discuss and address specific issues related to FIRST as an organization. SC Meetings are closed meetings.

Attendance and participation is limited to FIRST SC Members as well as Team Members and their invited guests, subject to approval by the Steering Committee.

Train the Trainers Workshop (by invitation)

Thanks to the TRANSITS* (Training of Network Security Incident Teams Staff) project, FIRST organized the "Train The Trainers" Workshop. The 3T workshop will consist on one full-day training session in CSIRT issues for potential instructors in Latin America and Asia-Pacific, regions where tipically there are no enough training opportunities. The purpose of this session will be to provide the TRANSITS material to potential trainers in these areas, help them to familiarize with the contents, and give them the tools to deliver the training course themselves in their region.

The first edition of the Train the Trainers Workshop will be held at Hilton Budapest Hotel, on Saturday June 19th, after the FIRST conference. Arnold Yoon (representing AP) and Liliana Solha (representing LA) are coordinating the activities on their regions.

(*) TRANSITS is organized by two partners, TERENA and UKERNA, and is supported by the European Commission. Further information at:

PGP Key Signing Service

A unique opportunity to have your PGP key signed by lots of people from the incident response community. A trusted PGP key can be a great asset when communicating with other security professionals.

Before you leave for Budapest, please remember to bring a piece of paper with your name and PGP key information (user ID, key ID and fingerprint) printed, as well as a valid picture ID.

We invite everyone to participate on this key signing! No need to be a FIRST member to take part on this meeting; however, FIRST team representatives are especially encouraged to attend it.

See further information about the PGP Key Signing Service for the 2004 Conference.

Social Events

Welcome Icebreaker Reception

An enjoyable and casual evening for all attendees. An excellent opportunity to get to know one another informally and to find others with similar interests. Don´t miss it! You will be surprised at how many people you will recognize throughout the week after meeting them at the Icebreaker.

The 2004 conference welcome reception will take place on Sunday evening, June 13 at 19:00 at Dominican Udvar.

Conference Banquet

The festive evening is the social highlight of the FIRST conference. This event usually includes attractions and entertainment from the region, including the wrap up of any traditional presentation and awards. A cuisine of high quality is also provided for the conference dinner.

This year the conference banquet will be held on Wednesday evening, June 16 at 19:00 at Gundel Restaurant, located at Allakerti Ut 2, Budapest (+36 1 468 4040). Buses depart from in front of the hotel starting at 18:30). It is certainly a quick introduction to Hungarian culture - a unique evening you won´t want to miss!

Note: All conference registrants and registered guests are invited to attend the social events listed above. Dress for all social events is casual. Full conference badges and/or tickets are required to gain admittance to these events.




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