FIRST - Improving Security Together 18th Annual FIRST Conference - June 2006 - Baltimore, Maryland

CarmentiS - a German Early Warning Information System - Challenges and Approaches

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Thursday – June 29th, 14:00

In the last quarter of 2005, the German CERT-Verbund has started to implement an early warning information system (EWIS) called CarmentiS. Like in any known early warning information system, one building block of CarmentiS are decentralized sensor networks, which are building the backbone of the system. Therefore most of the technical challenges involved in setting up an EWIS are rather straight foreward, an overview of the basic concepts of CarmentiS was given at the last FIRST conference in Singapore.

Well, the reason to introduce an additional paper to this topic is the second building block of CarmentiS – human analysis and of course the combination with classical sensor networks. The human analyst will add incorporating information sources, which are otherwise not available or cannot be automatically included and processed. The technical systems will support the analysts where ever it is possible to be able to concentrate the analyst viewpoint on the essentials.

In this case the real impediments are not on the technical side, legal and organisational as well as human issues are in the way, making the building of such systems a real challenge. Of course, in the full paper the essential technical concepts, interfaces and services which are offered by CarmentiS will be explored and explained, but focusing on the following topics:
  • Information sharing - legal and technical aspects
  • The cooperative approach – technical and organizational aspects

Authors & presenters

  • DEJürgen Sander  Presenter (PRE-CERT – PRESECURE Consulting, GmbH, DE)

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