FIRST - Improving Security Together 18th Annual FIRST Conference - June 2006 - Baltimore, Maryland

Maximizing the Benefits of Intrusion Prevention Systems: Effective Deployments Strategies

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Business/Management Track

Wednesday – June 28th, 16:00

This paper discusses general intrusion prevention systems concepts and provides a context-based analysis of the techno-economic imperatives as the driver of this technology. Further, in light of the Gartner 2004 recommendations, the paper examines the security needs and functional requirements for enterprise network IPS deployments. Given the complexity of the implementation environment, the paper will seek to demonstrate the value associated with a well thought out deployment strategy. To this end, the paper introduces performance measures and proposes effective deployment strategies to enhance the performance the IPS. Using field data, we measure the financial benefit of an IPS deployment.

Authors & presenters

  • USCalvin Miller (District of Columbia Government, US)

  • USCharles Iheagwara (District of Columbia Government, US)

  • USFarrukh Awan Presenter (District of Columbia Government, US)

  • USYusuf Acar (District of Columbia Government, US)

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