FIRST Board of Directors establishes standing (permanent) and ad-hoc (temporary) committees in order to better achieve FIRST goals. Board of Directors shall appoint the membership and Chair of such committees and shall determine their operating procedures.

Membership Committee

Mission Statement

The membership committee main objectives/scope include:

  • Support membership application and review processes
  • Membership recruitment and retention
  • Review membership process and communications
  • Membership recognition


Rob Floodeen (Chair)
Alexander Jaeger (Co-Chair)

Discussion Mailing List

first-mc at

Education Committee

Date of establishment: June, 2004


The FIRST Education Committee was formed as a place for people within FIRST to work on educational issues (in the broadest sense) and to also further the goals of the FIRST membership in the educational arena.

Mission Statement

The mission of the FIRST Education Committee is to ensure that relevant high-quality, affordable education and training is available to those who wish to create or operate incident response and security teams that share the vision and mission of FIRST.


The Education Committee is to be the focal point for primarily FIRST members to work on educational issues, from identifying existing to developing and delivering new material. Currently:

  1. Identifying existing materials and tools likely to be relevant to FIRST members
  2. Supporting education, training and awareness initiatives relevant to FIRST members
  3. Assisting in making additional relevant materials available to FIRST members
  4. Facilitating in the delivery of training and/or materials as part of outreach activities


Membership of the FIRST Education Committee is open to FIRST members who are willing to participate in the Education Committee's work and processes, as decided by and within the Education Committee and its Board of Directors liaison. Non FIRST members (subject matter experts, collaborators etc.) can participate on a case by case basis.


Shin Adachi (Chair)
Marck Zajicek (co-chair)

Discussion Mailing List

first-educ at


Conference Program Committee


To develop the Program for the Annual Conference including selection and management of speakers and topics. The goal of the PC is to develop a program that includes well known and respected speakers in the field and state-of-the-art presentations.

Contact for details.