Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Birds of a Feather (BoFs)

Special Interest Groups exist to provide a forum where FIRST Members can discuss topics of common interest to the Incident Response community. A SIG is a group of individuals composed of FIRST Members and invited parties, typically coming together to explore an area of interest or specific technology area, with a goal of collaborating and sharing expertise and experiences to address common challenges.

Special Interest Groups define their own missions and goals, and serve as a forum of the FIRST Members to discuss technologies, challenges and solutions in specific areas of mutual interest, including hearing relevant presentations from SIG participants and Invited Guests. SIG meetings are free to build their own meeting schedule but are also encouraged to co-locate meetings with FIRST Conferences, Technical Colloquia or other events.

SIGs can generate papers and publications for the industry covering their area of interest. While these papers and publications shall be distributed by the FIRST, they do not represent the official position of the FIRST members, or the FIRST itself.

FIRST Members who are interested in forming a new SIG should fill out the form and submit to the FIRST Secretariat at first-sec@first.org