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Stephanie Daman\nHSBC Holdings plc.

Stephanie spent 17 years working for the UK Government on security related issues, and was seconded to the Cabinet Office, and to the British Embassy in Washington DC during this period. In 2000, she joined Level 3 Communications, a start up company with its own fibre optic network, as their Director, European Security.

In 2002, Stephanie joined RAND Europe, the European division of the RAND Corporation, a US “think tank” and after a short stint with The Inkerman Group dealing with Information Assurance issues at the beginning of 2003, was invited to join HSBC Holdings plc as Head of Information Assurance in October 2003.

Throughout her career, Stephanie has been involved in the protection of information, and in the development of information assurance as a concept. Stephanie is a member of the Risk Security Management Forum (RSMF), ASIS, The Security Institute (TSyI), and the Institute of Directors (IoD). She is also a member of the Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC), a founder member and leader of the Director's Information Assurance Network (DIAN) which is sponsored by IAAC and co-authored "Engaging the Board: Corporate Governance and Information Assurance".