FIRST - Improving Security Together 18th Annual FIRST Conference - June 2006 - Baltimore, Maryland

Honeypot Technology: Principles and Applications

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Technical Track

Tuesday – June 27th, 14:00

A honeypot is an information system resource whose value lies in unauthorized or illicit use of that resource. Based on this definition, we will introduce the topic with an overview of the evolution of this technology, from the beginning to the latest advances.

This tutorial will cover in depth examples of use in corporate environments, including low interaction honeypot to gather statistics on malicious activities (worms & viruses…), wifi honeypots, fully operational architectures…

Some demonstrations will be done during the tutorial, presenting most useful resources and open source projects (honeyd, sebek, mwcollect…).

Good interaction with the audience is expected.

Authors & presenters

  • FRFranck Veysset  Presenter (France Télécom R&D, FR)

  • FRLaurent Butti  Presenter (France Télécom R&D, FR)

Conference Schedule