26th Annual FIRST Conference | Boston, MA

Registration Information

Registration for the Conference has reached capacity and is now closed.

Please contact the Secretariat at first-sec@first.org if any of the following apply:

  • You have a promotion code or group discount code and still need to register
  • You are already registered and need to access your registration record or make changes
  • You would like to be added to our wait list (please provide name, company/team and email)
Registration Type Fee
Super Early Bird Rate (until August 1st) $1300 US
Early Bird - Non-Member (by 18:00 GMT, April 11th 2014) $1900 US
Early Bird - Member (by 18:00 GMT, April 11th 2014) $1500 US
Standard - Non-Member (after 18:00 GMT, April 11th 2014) $2300 US
Standard - Member (after 18:00 GMT, April 11th 2014) $1850 US
Single Day Fee $800 US
Full Time Graduate or Doctoral Computer Security Student $900 US
45-60 Minute Paper Presenter (1 comp per presentation) Complimentary
30-45 Minute Paper Presenter (1 comp per presentation) $1000 US
Late Fee Member & Non-Member (after 18:00 GMT, June 1st 2014) $2500 US

The Early fee US$1900 (US$1500 for members) will be available up until 18:00 GMT on April 11th 2014.
If payment has not been received and confirmed by the Registration Office by 18:00 GMT April 4th 2014, registrants will be charged the Standard conference fee (US$2299). This applies to registrants submitting bank/wire transfers, checks, and credit card payments that are incomplete for any reason.

The Standard conference fee US$2300 (US$1850 for members) will be available after April 11th 2014 up until 18:00 GMT on June 1st 2014.
If payment has not been received by 18:00 GMT June 1st 2014, all non-payment standard registrations will be automatically removed from the registrant database.

Registrations entered after 18:00 GMT June 1st 2014 will be considered Late registrations.
The Late registration fee for members and non-members is US$2500.

The Student conference fee US$900 will be available through the start of the Conference.
In order to register as a Student, you must email or fax a copy of your student ID and a letter signed by your academic advisor indicating your doctoral or graduate course of study. Email to first-2014@first.org or fax to the conference office at +1 312 372 1427. Upon approval by FIRST, you will receive a special registration discount code – email any questions about this process or the status of your request to first-2014@first.org.

If you are an invited speaker or accepted presenter, you will be contacted by the conference staff and the appropriate discount code will be sent to you.

There is a processing fee associated with check and wire transfer transactions. Please note the following fees will be added to your registration invoice based on the payment type:

Accommodation costs are not included in the conference registration.
Payment must be made in USD.
Cash is NOT an acceptable form of payment.

What Does the Full Conference Fee Include?

What Does the Single Day Conference Fee Include?

Member Discount?

You must be an official FIRST member in good standing. More about FIRST membership here.

To receive the member discount during registration, please select "Yes" and select your Team on the online registration form. Discount codes are NOT required. All registrant data will be reviewed by the FIRST Secretariat. If it is determined that you are either not a FIRST member, or a FIRST member in good standing, you will be contacted promptly for next action.

Member discount only applies for FULL conference registration. There are no discounts for single day registrations.

Group Discount Pricing and Procedure


Group discount pricing follows:
20% discount applied to 3 or more registrants from the same company or team
25% discount applied to 6 or more registrants from the same company or team

  1. You must first request a discount code from the FIRST Secretariat at group-discount@first.org
  2. The Secretariat will issue an invoice that must be paid in full by credit card, check or wire prior to issuing your discount code.
  3. The Secretariat will issue your discount code (valid for the number of registrants the team/company has paid for)
  4. Company/Team participants must use the code when filling out the online registration form. Codes cannot be added after a registration is complete (there are no refunds or discounts applied unless used at the time of the original registration).
  5. Registrations are transferrable and subject to the cancellation policy published.

Visa Requests / Letter of Invitation Requests

If you need to apply for a visa, please APPLY EARLY. If you are unsure whether or not you require a visa the United States of America, please visit the U.S. Department of State Website and review your options.

Conference participants requiring a letter of invitation in order to attend the conference should contact the Conference Registration Office, first-2014@first.org.

  1. You must first register via the registration form; you may select the 'Pay Later' option.
  2. Your full name as it appears in your passport
  3. Complete mailing address as it appears in your passport
  4. Job title/position and employer
  5. Telephone number and/or fax number
  6. Email address

Please note that this procedure aims to assist participants who need to obtain a visa or permission to attend the conference and is not an official invitation covering fees or other expenses.

A letter of invitation does not imply any financial support from the conference. Conference staff review all inquiries.

For rush requests, FIRST reserves the right to charge an administration fee of $40 US to cover postal charges.

Requests from untrustworthy sources will be discarded.