FIRST Press Policy

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FIRST is a non-profit organization whose mission is to make the Internet a safer place for everyone. Because FIRST's members recognize that effective communication is essential to this goal they welcome the participation of the media at their annual conferences - not least because the language of Internet security can sometimes be technically dense, and journalists have an important role to play in mediating this language between experts inside the organization and the non-expert world outside.

In order to facilitate the best possible collaboration between FIRST and the media, and to ensure that journalists find without complication the news and features they are seeking, we have adopted the following guidelines.

  1. Wherever possible journalists should pre-register by e-mailing, where they can log their bona fides and contact details and indicate when they propose to attend and which sessions particularly interest them (our conference program is viewable at
  2. We hope, however, that we will be able to accommodate and register a limited number of reporters on-site, on-the-day. Journalists should email as soon as possible if they haven't been able to pre-register or their newsdesks have woken to the existence of our conference later rather than earlier.
  3. When journalists arrive at the conference, they should go first to the registration desk, where they will be welcomed, issued with a Press Pack, and given an identifying badge (it is FIRST policy that all attendees, whether delegates, speakers, staff or guests should wear badges at all times).
  4. To help journalists navigate the conference hotel to the sessions they wish to attend, find the individuals they wish to interview, and locate a congenial interview space, we will provide them with a companion for the duration of their stay with us.
  5. Journalists will appreciate that because of the sensitivity of some agenda topics, certain sessions will be closed "for members only". However, where these deal with matters of interest to the media, we will endeavor, if possible and if requested in good time for arrangements to be made, to provide on-the-record briefings after the session. A list of "open" and "closed" sessions will be available at the registration desk.
  6. Journalists are asked to introduce themselves and name their media before conducting interviews. Where individuals at the conference decline to be interviewed, we would ask journalists to respect their wishes.
  7. Audio and Video recordings will not be permitted unless the parties to be recorded and the FIRST Board of Directors have given written consent in advance. We regret that still photography is not permitted.
  8. FIRST's spokesperson for the duration of the event is the chair of the Board of Directors or his/her explicitly nominated delegate, and no other persons are authorized to speak for FIRST. Should a journalist need comments from FIRST, their companion will help to arrange an interview.
  9. As with any organization or event, FIRST reserves to the right immediately to revoke permissions to attend and to ask individuals to leave if their behavior is deemed to be unprofessional.

Note for non-Media delegates and attendees

Please review the above policy (and in particular item 8 limiting who can speak for FIRST). If you are proposing to issue briefing materials or Press Releases during the conference, we would be grateful if you could lodge copies with the Board of Directors beforehand. Bearing in mind that journalists are invited to attend the conference, you are advised before you travel to check with your organization's public affairs or public relations department to bring yourself up to date with internal media guidelines.