Human Factors in Security SIG


People have become the main driver for breaches but the human factors remain insufficiently addressed in the IT security sector. The mission of this SIG is to improve the understanding of human factors in security among security professionals worldwide. To achieve this goal we will facilitate a regular exchange on methods, measures and skill sets to effectively address the human factors in security.

Goals & Deliverables

Our goal is to exchange best practices, provide orientation and share knowledge among members through regular meetings, a forum, and a resource library.




Membership and Joining the SIG

FIRST members are automatically approved to join the SIG, and outside members are welcome to apply from the technical and academic communities in research or operational roles that work with the human factors. Applications from non-FIRST members must be approved by the SIG chairs.

If you're interested in joining, please check out the policies page, which includes details on sharing information and our Code of Conduct.

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