FIRST.Org - Community & Capacity Building

Klée Aiken

Since the establishment of FIRST, the community has engaged in a wide range of both formal and informal capacity building activities. This has included organized initiatives such as FIRST education and training; the Suguru Yamaguchi Fellowship Program; the sharing and development of standards and good practices; and indirectly through the provision of platforms, forums, networking, and events. FIRST’s Community and Capacity Building Program was launched in 2022 and is designed to help leverage the expertise and value created with and by the global incident response community for more meaningful impact on-the-ground. 

The program is led by Klée Aiken, Director – Community & Capacity Building

Before joining FIRST, Klée worked on Internet and cybersecurity issues in the Asia-Pacific from policy and operational perspectives. First at a think tank; then APNIC; and most recently with CERT NZ, the national incident response team for New Zealand. At CERT NZ he worked to develop the team’s relationships with Pacific partners and build a wide-ranging capacity building program.

Klée also leads the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) Working Group B – Cyber Incident Management and Critical Infrastructure Protection and is a member of the GFCE Research Committee. He is based in Wellington, NZ.

Feel free to reach out to Klée. We look forward to collaborating to improve security, together.