FIRST Mailing List Policy

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Subscriptions to FIRST mailing lists are managed by the FIRST Operations Team and designated list moderators. FIRST Members and list subscribers are able to self-manage their subscriptions via FIRST Portal. Subscription policy, allowed posters, ownership, classification, and retention policy differ per list.

Mailing Lists

Some mailing lists are permanent and others are temporary, i.e. created according to the need for a specific period of time. Any FIRST Representative or Committee Chairperson may ask to have a new mailing list created for purposes that correspond to FIRST’s Mission and adhere to its policies. The request for creating a new mailing list, its charter and all other relevant details must be sent to the FIRST Secretariat ( at least 14 days before its expected use.

The person making the request for a new list shall be the list owner, and will set — subject to approval by the FIRST Operation Team — the subscription policy, allowed posters, default mail classification and retention policy. These mailing lists may be open for non-FIRST members.

Mailing lists are deleted at the request of the list owner or the Board of Directors.

Posting restrictions

Posting to the permanent lists is restricted to FIRST Members (team and liaison), SIG chairs & participants, Board of Directors, Operations Team (the Executive Director, Secretariat, Events Office, Community & Capacity Building Team, and Infrastructure Team), and other parties recognized as FIRST.

Posting policies for temporary lists are determined by the list owner. Messages from unregistered addresses may be moderated and/or potentially discarded silently, along with spam and messages containing malware or other malicious content.

Mail classification

All information shared through this mailing list is by default TLP:AMBER. The author of the original mail can classify information differently.

Code of Conduct

The FIRST Code of Conduct Policy must be respected.

Privacy Policy

The FIRST Privacy Policy applies to usage of all FIRST mailing lists.

Terms of Use

Use of FIRST mailing lists implies the user’s consent with the FIRST Terms of Use.

Mail retention policy

Mailing list messages may be archived, unless the list owner specifies otherwise, for a period determined by the list owner. This period will not exceed three years, as specified in the Document Record Retention and Destruction Policy.

Every person who sends a message to any of the lists associated with FIRST thereby acknowledges the retention policy for that list. The list archives will be kept by FIRST in a secure location. The Board of Directors has the right to delete any message from any archives at their discretion.

Access to the mail archive

The FIRST Board of Directors and Operations Team normally have access to all mailing lists, unless it has been agreed to in advance that they will not.

Current FIRST team members or FIRST liaisons may request access to any archive they would normally have access to. They may also submit a request to the FIRST Secretariat requesting access to lists they would NOT normally have access to. This request needs to be approved by the Board of Directors in order for that access to be granted. However: access to the FIRST Board of Directors list can not be granted.