Suguru Yamaguchi Fellowship Program

FIRST recognizes the need of integrating security teams in unrepresented countries or region into the global incident response community. As part of the Suguru Yamaguchi Fellowship Program, FIRST annually offers up to two teams from these countries the ability to participate in the FIRST community. The program was named in honor and in memory of the late Dr. Suguru Yamaguchi, a former member of the Board of Directors for FIRST, from 2011 through 2013.

Successful applicants will receive:

  • Up to two heavily discounted passes for the annual FIRST Conference on Computer Security and Incident Handling per team, over the course of five years.
  • FIRST membership at a greatly reduced cost over a five year period, provided they meet the minimum membership requirements within a year of attending the conference.

Throughout the process, each applicant team will have a point of contact at FIRST which they can use to be introduced to other relevant teams, and whom they can contact with questions regarding the membership application process.

Potential applicants must be computer security incident response teams, with national coordination responsibility for a particular sector – for example, all government networks, private networks, educational networks, or a combination of those three.

Since the intent of this program is to support potential future FIRST teams who may not otherwise be able to attend a FIRST conference, applicants must be non-member teams.

Teams must formally apply and will be selected based on their maturity and ability to grow into a successful incident response team, able to participate in the FIRST programs and community.

Teams that are interested in applying are invited to contact FIRST at to obtain an application form. In addition to the application form, they must provide:

  • A motivation letter summarizing why the team would like to participate in the FIRST Fellowship. There is no specific mandatory format.
  • Three references from the Incident Response community which the team has worked with. These are not required to be FIRST members, though member references are preferred.

Download Application for the FIRST Fellowship Program.

Application deadlines:

FIRST will accept applications to the Fellowship Program year round. The earlier you submit, the more opportunity you will have for feedback and to make updates if requested. The following dates are deadlines for the noted decision periods.

Puerto Rico 2017
Application due date: 15 November 2016 | Decision: 28 February 2017


The following teams were admitted into the FIRST Fellowship Program. These are relative start dates only, continued participation is contingent on selected participants continuing to meet our program requirements.


  • bdCERT (Bangladesh)
  • PacCERT (Fiji)


2015 participants

  • CIRT-GY (Guyana)
  • MonCERT (Mongolia)
  • TZ-CERT (Tanzania)
  • UG-CERT (Uganda)


2016 participants

  • CERT-GH (Ghana)
  • BDe-GovCERT (Bangladesh)
  • CERT-CI (Cote d’Ivoire)
  • mmCERT (Myanmar)