FIRST.Org - Infrastructure Team

Dave Schwartzburg, Guilherme Capilé (Tecnodesign), and Andres Ofner (nextlayer)

The FIRST infrastructure team oversees the development, operation, and security of all services that FIRST offers to members, liaisons, fellowship participants, SIGs, and to the general public. This includes MISP, Slack, FIRST website and Portal, API, event management, learning platform, permanent capture the flag, identity provider, and much more.

The infrastructure team is led by Dave Schwartzburg, Director - IT & Security and includes technical resources from Tecnodesign led by Guilherme Capilé (support, development, and graphics design) and nextlayer led by Andres Ofner (infrastructure management, operations and monitoring).

Before joining FIRST on a full-time basis, Dave served as a volunteer for thirteen years in a variety of capacities, including leading the deployment of a conference network, participating on the conference program committee, and serving on the board of directors from 2018 - 2022.

Download FIRST Infrastructure Public PGP Key
Key ID: 0x7F8C656513F6AD57
Fingerprint: 7735 1149 3722 9A3C 2129 8903 7F8C 6565 13F6 AD57