The base URL for all EPSS API calls is: https://api.first.org/data/v1/epss. Example API calls:

Most recent CVE(s):

  1. Show EPSS scores for the first 100 CVEs, https://api.first.org/data/v1/epss

  2. Single CVE: show EPSS score for CVE XXXXX, https://api.first.org/data/v1/epss?cve=CVE-2022-27225

  3. Batch: show EPSS scores for a list of CVEs, https://api.first.org/data/v1/epss?cve=CVE-2022-27225,CVE-2022-27223,CVE-2022-27218


  1. You can set the offset (pages) with, https://api.first.org/data/v1/epss?envelope=true&pretty=true&offset=160000

CVEs for a particular date

  1. Single CVE: show EPSS score for CVE XXXXX for yyyy-mm-dd, https://api.first.org/data/v1/epss?cve=CVE-2022-26332&date=2022-03-05

  2. Batch: show EPSS scores for a comma separated list of CVEs for yyyy-mm-dd, https://api.first.org/data/v1/epss?cve=CVE-2022-26332,CVE-2022-26315,CVE-2022-26181&date=2022-03-05

Time Series

  1. Single: show the EPSS scores for CVE XXXX for each of the past 30 days, https://api.first.org/data/v1/epss?cve=CVE-2022-25204&scope=time-series

  2. Top N CVEs with the highest scores. i.e. show the 100 highest scoring CVEs (works for either probability or percentile), https://api.first.org/data/v1/epss?order=!epss

  3. All CVEs above X probability score. i.e. show all CVEs with probability scores greater than X, https://api.first.org/data/v1/epss?epss-gt=0.95

  1. All CVEs above X percentile. i.e. show all CVEs with percentile greater than X, https://api.first.org/data/v1/epss?percentile-gt=0.95

ALL CVEs Show EPSS scores for all CVEs for a particular date (yyyy-mm-dd). For this request, simply request the full csv directly as, https://epss.cyentia.com/epss_scores-YYYY-MM-DD.csv.gz

Notes A. You can nicely format the output with, https://api.first.org/data/v1/epss?envelope=true&pretty=true

B. The above parameters can be combined (when they make sense), so you can query for CVEs with percentile greater than X on date yyyy-mm-dd with time series (up to the date specified) sorted by EPSS (descending): https://api.first.org/data/v1/epss?date=2022-03-05&epss-gt=0.95&order=!epss

C. See https://api.first.org/#Global-parameters for paging with offset and limit.

D. More documentation is available at https://api.first.org/epss.

E. Historic EPSS scores are available back to April 14th, 2021.**