FIRST Liaison Members

Individuals or representatives of organizations other than incident response or security teams that have a legitimate interest in and value to FIRST.

Team contact information provided for Incident Response purposes only. FIRST strictly prohibits the use of contact information for solicitation or marketing.

LiaisonHost OrganizationCountry
Adli Wahid APNIC  AU
Alain Labossiere Innovation, Science and Economic Development  CA
Andre Ludwig  US
Andrea DUFKOVA European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA)  EU
Andreas Schuster DCSO GmbH  DE
Andrew Cormack Jisc  GB
Aris Lambrianidis Amsterdam Internet Exchange, B.V. (AMS-IX NOC)  NL
Arjen de Landgraaf Risk Management  NL
Barry Greene SENKI  US
Belisario Contreras Organization of American States (OAS)  US
Ben May AEMO (Australian Energy Market Operator)  AU
Benson Ang KPMG  SG
Brian Honan Irish Reporting and Information Security Service  IE
Carlos Fragoso One eSecurity  ES
Carlos M. Martinez LACNIC  UY
Chris Gibson Independent  GB
Chris Walsh  US
Christopher P. Siegle Citrix Systems, Inc.  US
David Bianco Mandiant  US
David Durvaux European Commission  EU
Dmytro Korzhevin Crytek  UA
Don Stikvoort S-CURE  EU
E. Larry Lidz  US
Eireann Leverett Concinnity Risks  GB
Eugene Kogan TGS Management Company  US
Foy Hilton Shiver, Jr. APWG  US
Gavin Reid  US
George Johnson NC4  US
Gerard White Bell Aliant  CA
Graciela Martinez Giordano LACNIC  UY
Hinne Hettema Ports of Auckland Ltd  NZ
Ian Cook Corbels Security Services  GB
Jacomo Piccolini  BR
Jan Kopriva Alef Nula a.s.  CZ
Jean Robert Hountomey AfricaCERT  TG
Jeffrey J. Carpenter Jeffrey J. Carpenter  US
Jerry Dixon Liaison - JD  US
John Brown CityLink Telecommunications NM, LLC  US
Katherine Gagnon  US
Kenneth R. van Wyk KRvW Associates, LLC  US
Koen Van Impe Comm.V.  BE
Krassimir Tzvetanov Fastly  US
Kurt Sauer  US
Lewis Philbey Independent  GB
Lisa Bradley NVIDIA  US
Liz Donaldson  US
Luc Dandurand Guardtime  EE
Maarten Van Horenbeeck  US
Marco Obiso ITU  CH
Marco Thorbruegge  GR
Marie Elisabeth Gaup Moe SINTEF  NO
Mark Koek  NL
Matt Suiche Comae Technologies FZE  AE
Matthew Valites  US
Merike Kaeo Double Shot Security  US
Michael H. Warfield Thaumaturgy & Speculums Technology  US
Miguel Sanchez  US
Mustafa Qasim NTT ICT  AU
Nicolas Arias VU Security  AR
Olivier Caleff  FR
Patrick Green University of St Andrews  GB
Paul McKitrick ICEBRG, inc.  US
Pete Allor  US
Rohit Srivastwa ClubHack Labs LLP  IN
Ruediger Riediger Bombardier Transportation  DE
Scott McIntyre Doetraar  AU
Shawn Richardson Palo Alto Networks  US
Shehzad Ahmad Nets Denmark A/S  DK
Steven Bade Resilient Systems  US
Sven Gabriel Sven Gabriel  NL
Terry MacDonald Cosive  AU
Trey Darley Kingfisher Operations, sprl  BE
Wietse Z. Venema  US
Xavier Mertens Xavier Mertens Consulting  BE
Yann Wacker CSSA e.V.  DE

FIRST follows the International Olympic Committee (IOC) country name listings.