Koen Van Impe

Liaison Information
Short liaison name Koen Van Impe
Official liaison name Koen Van Impe
Member since June 10, 2017
Host organization cudeso.be Comm.V.
Country Belgium  BE
Liaison Contact Information
Facsimile number N/A
Business hours
Timezone UTC+01:00
Specification of business hours (GMT+1) 0900-1800
How to contact liaison outside business hours use e-mail, voice-mail or Twitter
PGP key id 0xF9C306E88039B694
PGP fingerprint 7349EF7FBFC97B9317225105F9C306E88039B694
Team PGP public key 7349 EF7F BFC9 7B93 1722 5105 F9C3 06E8 8039 B694  
Koen Van Impe
Koen Van Impe
Koen Van Impe
Updated on September 21, 2011 14:14 UTC

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