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Sponsorship Team Here!

The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams seeks sponsorships for its upcoming conference to be held in Kyoto, Japan, June 28-July 3, 2009.

Well-attended and well-received, past conferences have attracted more than 450 participants from around the world.

Due to the ever-changing nature of today's complex business, technology, and political environments, record attendance is expected at this conference. The combined international constituency served by the FIRST member teams alone is enormous, reaching into the millions.

Sponsorship opportunities are limited and are on a first-come, first-served basis, so you must act quickly to ensure your organization is included in this one-of-a-kind event.

Sponsorship Benefits
Access to worldwide computer security experts
Sponsorship provides a unique opportunity to show your organization's commitment to best practice security. For those in the operating system environment, computer security, networking, and telecommunications industries, sponsorship opens the doors to gain focused access to a highly influential group of computer security incident response experts from around the globe. When you sponsor the event, you will:

  • Reach an expected target audience of 400-450 attendees
  • Increase worldwide awareness of your organizations products and services
  • Gain access to computer security decision-makers from governments, corporations and educational institutions
  • Be recognized as a key supporter of FIRSTs goals of worldwide coordination and cooperation for the handling of computer security incidents
  • Demonstrate your organizations commitment to best practice security in a fast-growing community of security practitioners

Who attends?
Attendance will include representatives from the more than 194 member teams of FIRST including Merrill Lynch, Cisco, Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, Symantec, Citigroup, Siemens, HP, Goldman Sachs, CERT/CC, British Telecom, and Oxford University to name a few. You do not need to be a member of FIRST to attend or sponsor. Attendees include:

  • Any incident response and security team with responsibility for coordinating computer security incidents
  • Policy and decision makers who direct overall computer security
  • Senior managers directly charged with protecting their corporate infrastructure
  • Technical staff who determines security product needs and implements solutions
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about computer security in general or just aspiring to set up an incident handling team
  • Technical staff who determine security product requirements and implement solutions
  • Law enforcement staff who are involved in investigating cyber crimes
  • Legal counsel who work with policy and decision makers in establishing security policies
  • Government managers and senior executives who are responsible for protecting Government systems and National critical infrastructures

Sponsorship Levels

Primary Sponsorships
Our elite Diamond Sponsorship receives the maximum visibility at the conference. The Diamond sponsor is recognized as the conference sponsor before, during, and following the conference. Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Sponsors receive varying levels of visibility at the conference appropriate to their investment. These sponsorships are an excellent opportunity to become involved and recognized within the incident response community. For known security organizations, these sponsorships allow visible recognition of support at security events and education.

  Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Quantity Available SOLD! 6 10 10 10
Cost USD US $35,000 US $25,000 US $15,000 US $10,000 US $7,000
Address Participants Yes        
Press Conference Yes        
Logo on Conference Folder Yes Yes      
Logo on Conference Bag Yes Yes      
Vendor Table Yes Yes Yes    
Logo Displayed in Main Meeting Room Yes Yes Yes    
Signage and Program Yes Yes Yes    
Complimentary Passes 4 3 2 1 1 @ $500
Logo on Homepage of Conference Website Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logo on Promotional Materials Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Conference Acknowledgement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Supporting Sponsorships
Support Sponsorships are a la carte opportunities to become actively involved in a FIRST conference. These sponsorships are an excellent way to begin participation within the computer security incident response arena. For established sponsors, these support sponsorships provide targeted brand delivery opportunities and are available to all interested parties, FIRST team or not.

Sponsorship Type Quantity Available Cost Logo Passes Distribute Company Literature Conference Acknowledgement
Platinum Best Practices SOLD! US $25,000 Same as Platinum Primary 2   Address Participants
Platinum Banquet SOLD! US $25,000 Same as Platinum Primary 2 At banquet  
Internet SOLD! Hardware Signage, Program & Conference Website 1   Logo Displayed in Registration Area
Network SOLD! Hardware Signage, Program & Conference Website 1   Logo Displayed in Registration Area
Podcast SOLD! Podcast Services Signage, Program & Conference Website 1    
Vendor Booth 7 US $5,000 Signage, Program & Conference Website 1 @ Member Rate In Vendor Area for 3 Days  
Vendor Showcase 7 US $3, 500 Signage, Program & Conference Website   During Vendor Showcase  
Polo Shirt SOLD! US $7,000 Signage, Program & Conference Website      
Bags SOLD! US $5,000 Signage, Program & Conference Website      
T-Shirt SOLD! US $4,000 Signage, Program & Conference Website      
Folder SOLD! US $5,000 Signage, Program & Conference Website      
Lanyard/Badge SOLD! US $2,500 Signage, Program & Conference Website      
High Tech Experience Lounge SOLD! US $2,500 Signage, Program & Conference Website      
Welcome Reception SOLD! US $5,000 Signage, Program & Conference Website 1 At Reception At Reception
USB Stick SOLD! US $4,000 Signage, Program & Conference Website      
Fellowship NA US $5,000 Signage, Program & Conference Website      


Sponsorship is not limited to financial support per se, but can also take the form of provision of hardware/software etc. Should your company be interested in a sponsorship package not listed in this brochure then please feel free to contact us at
first-2009@first.org to discuss your interests.

Please see also the Sponsorship Terms & Conditions.

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