33rd Annual FIRST Conference Virtual Event

WorkAdventure Attendee Basics

Registered attendees will have received an email with their unique token access URL on Thursday, June 3 and Friday, June 4.

Note: If you register after Friday, June 4, kindly allow our Events Staff time to get your WorkAdventure credentials setup.

Using this link, you will be taken to the start page where you will be prompted to enter your name. There is a 8-character limit (no special characters or numbers) - so give your name some thought!

Fun tip! If you have a team or are from a sponsor company, try coordinating WOKA outfits in matching company colors!

If you choose to disallow access to your camera and microphone, you will be prompted with one additional message. You can scroll down to the bottom of that message and click Continue to bypass.

We do recommend you at least allow your microphone. There are camera and microphone mute options once you are in WorkAdventure.

Once in WorkAdventure, you can control your WOKA with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Maps, Floor Signs, and Silent Zones

All attendees will be dropped into the map at the conference venue entrance. To ensure everyone's comfort, the entrance area is a Silent Zone. Silent Zones are areas where camera and microphone use has been disabled. Silent Zones are located throughout WorkAdventure with a focus on bottleneck areas.

Floor signs can also be found throughout WorkAdventure to help you navigate.

To view the map or download a PDF copy, please visit this page

Jitsi Conference Room vs Networking Bubbles?

There are two types of interactions within WorkAdventure: Jitsi conference rooms and networking bubbles. Bubbles are for smaller group chats (~1-4), while Jitsi conferences are for much larger group gatherings. Jitsi rooms offer your standard video conferencing features. Jitsi rooms can be found scattered throughout WorkAdventure.

Zooming In and Out of the Map

To zoom in and out of the map, please use your browser zoom controls.

Website Rollovers

When entering sponsor booths, SIG tables, or the FIRST Membership desk a website page will open up for your review. Please take time to review the materials pulled together.

When visiting a SIG table, scroll to the bottom of the website rollover page to complete a request to join the SIG group.

Using Chat

When other WorkAdventure users are nearby, a chat option will appear in the lower left corner that will allow you to message with each other.

Administrative Messages

From time to time, a message window at the top of the page will appear with messages from the FIRST Event Staff. Please be sure to pay attention to those messages. The Monday night trivia will take place using this feature.

My WOKA is Acting Up

If you run into glitches with your WOKA, or have issues with your arrow keys, we recommend you please refresh your browser window to get back in. If issues persist, please contact the Events Team for help. We will have WorkAdventure support staff available to our team throughout the conference.

Network and Enjoy!

Keep in mind that WorkAdventure is not the perfect solution, but we hope it offers our attendees a more enjoyable and easier way to network with each other. We truly hope you enjoy your virutal experience this year!