35th Annual FIRST Conference | Empowering Communities

COVID Safety Updates

FIRST is committed to hosting a safe and enjoyable conference and will comply with all safety protocols consistent with the local government. The FIRST Board of Directors and FIRST staff will continue to work closely with the conference venue to make certain your health, safety, and comfort are first and foremost.

As the COVID-19 pandemic remains fluid, safety guidelines and protocols will be expected to change based on the prevailing health situation. We appreciate your cooperation and collaboration as we navigate the return to in-person events.

Please keep this page bookmarked for updated information and modifications on the safety guidelines and protocols that will apply to all delegates of the 35th Annual FIRST Conference.

Additional Safety Guidelines and Protocols

In addition to complying with all safety protocols consistent with the Government of Canada and province of Québec, FIRST will provide additional precautions to ensure the comfort and safety of our delegates. Precautionary basics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Optional color-coded bracelets identifying a participant's level of comfort during social interactions
  • Disposable masks available upon request (one per day)
  • Adequate social distancing setups throughout the conference facility

Local COVID Testing, Hospitals, and Pharmacies Nearby




  • Pharmaprix, 1120 Rue Ste-Catherine Ouest Arr, hours 09:00-22:00 daily, phone: +1 514 398 9759
  • Pharmaprix, 1500 Ste-Catherine St, hours 08:00-24:00 daily, phone: +1 514 933 4744
  • Pharmaprix, 1000 Wellington St, hours 08:00-22:00 M-F; hours 09:00-21:00 Sat-Sun, phone: +1 514 866 2262

This page will be updated regularly.