Team Information
Team name ePLDT CSIRT
Official team name ePLDT Cyber Security Incident Response Team
Member since February 6, 2020
Host organization ePLDT Inc.
Country of team Philippines (the)  PH
Date of establishment 2017-07-03
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +63 2 88590056 (UTC+
Emergency telephone number +63 2 88590056 (UTC+
E-mail address
Postal address VITRO Makati, 222 Nicanor Garcia St., Bel-Air, Makati City 1209, Philippines
Business Hours
Timezone UTC +8
Type of Constituency Industrial sector
Source of Constituency Both external and internal
Description of Constituency All ePLDT’s information, systems, network and security infrastructure and all information that are within the physical and logical responsibility of ePLDT as well as its external clients
Internet Domain Address epldt.com
Country of Constituency Philippines (the)  PH
PGP key id 0xF3EE1F8EEB700CA4
PGP fingerprint 73B11398B3598BC65F615332F3EE1F8EEB700CA4
Team PGP public key 73B1 1398 B359 8BC6 5F61 5332 F3EE 1F8E EB70 0CA4  
ePLDT Cyber Security Incident Response Team <ecsirt@epldt.com>
Updated on September 30, 2019 16:05 UTC

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