Team Information
Team name Eversec
Official team name Eversec Technology Co.,Ltd
Member since April 16, 2017
Host organization Tencent/Venus/CBC/China Mobile/ZTE
Country of team China  CN
Date of establishment 2008-08-07
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +86-10-62384566
Emergency telephone number +86-18519669121
E-mail address
Postal address F2,Tower D,JinYi Technology Building NO9 Dazhongsi East Road, Beijing, PRC
Business Hours
Description of business hours 9:30-18:00
How to contact outside business hours Email to marketing@eversec.cn
Country of Constituency China  CN
PGP key id 0x350DEA062BC1EE99
PGP fingerprint DED6F49587C468094BEC449E350DEA062BC1EE99
Team PGP public key DED6 F495 87C4 6809 4BEC 449E 350D EA06 2BC1 EE99  
EVERSEC <marketing@eversec.cn>
Updated on February 14, 2017 09:03 UTC

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