Saudi Central Bank_Cyber Security

Team Information
Team name Saudi Central Bank_Cyber Security
Official team name Saudi Central Bank – SAMA Cyber Security
Member since December 16, 2020
Host organization Saudi Central Bank - SAMA
Country of team Saudi Arabia  SA
Date of establishment 2017-10-01
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number 00966-582617000
Emergency telephone number 00966-114662850
E-mail address
Postal address Saudi Central Bank King Saud Bin Abdulaziz Street Telephone: +966-11- 463-3000 Fax: +966-11- 466-2936 / 466-2966 Cable: MARKAZI P.O. Box 2992 Riyadh 11169 Saudi Arabia
Business Hours
Timezone Saudi Arabia (GMT+3)
Description of business hours From 7 AM till 5 PM
How to contact outside business hours Saudi Central Bank Cyber Security Team is available 24/7 , you can reach the team on (CyberSecurity@SAMA.GOV.SA).
Type of Constituency Financial sector
Source of Constituency Both external and internal
Description of Constituency Saudi Central Bank Cyber Security are monitoring cyber security incidents and threats activities, conducting penetration testing and vulnerability assessment on internal infrastructure/Network of Saudi Central Bank - SAMA. Saudi Central Bank has been entrusted with performing many functions pursuant to several laws and regulations: · To deal with the banking affairs of the Government; · Minting and printing the national currency (the Saudi Riyal), strengthening the Saudi currency and stabilizing its external and internal value, in addition to strengthening the currency’s cover; · Managing the Kingdom’s foreign exchange reserves; · Managing the monetary policy for maintaining the stability of prices and exchange rate; · Promoting the growth of the financial system and ensuring its soundness; · Supervising commercial banks and exchange dealers and insurance companies and the self-employment professions relating to the insurance act
Internet Domain Address ,
Country of Constituency Saudi Arabia  SA
PGP key id 0xAA665B71EA9F5FC4
PGP fingerprint 9574006573103BDCD02493BCAA665B71EA9F5FC4
Team PGP public key 9574 0065 7310 3BDC D024 93BC AA66 5B71 EA9F 5FC4  
Updated on November 4, 2020 11:04 UTC
Expires on November 2, 2028 11:04 UTC

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