Kyoto 2023 APNIC-FIRST Technical Colloquium

  • Kyoto 2023 APNIC-FIRST Technical Colloquium

Kyoto 2023 APNIC-FIRST Technical Colloquium

Kyoto (Japan), September 13th, 2023

Hosted by APNIC

This event will be held as part of the APNIC56 Conference that is taking place from September 12-13 2023. More information about the event can be accessed here

The TC session will be on the 13th of September 2023

Call for Presentations

The committee is looking for speakers that would like to present at this Technical Colloquium.

Any experience related to techniques, case studies, or research related to incident response are welcome.

Some suggested topics are as follows:

We encourage sharing materials that are TLP CLEAR due to the nature of the open conference and the possibility of the content being shared with a wider audience (non-FIRST members) via recording or live streaming for remote participants.

For your submission or any questions, please provide the following information:

Submission Deadline: July 5th, 2022

Travel Support

We are not able to provide travel or accommodation support for speakers.

Conference Venue

The event will be held at the International Conference Centre, Kyoto (ICC Kyoto), located at:

422 Iwakura Osagicho, Sakyo Ward,
Kyoto, 606-0001,

Balkan Cybersecurity Days 2023, ohrid, NMK

Click on the map to see it enlarged on Google Maps.

Additional information about accommodation, travel and visa and other requirements can be obtained from the APNIC56 website.