Valencia 2023 UNDP/UNICC/FIRST Technical Colloquium (ES)

  • Valencia 2023 UNDP/UNICC/FIRST Technical Colloquium (ES)

Valencia 2023 UNDP/UNICC/FIRST Technical Colloquium

Valencia (ES), September 25th–26th, 2023

Hosted by UNDP and UNICC

Valencia, Spain on September 25th-26th. FIRST TC (open to the public) with one day dedicated to plenary presentations/speakers and another one for training/workshop.


As the United Nations lead agency on international development, UNDP works in 170 countries and territories to eradicate poverty and reduce inequality. We help countries to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities, and to build resilience to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Our work is concentrated in three focus areas; sustainable development, democratic governance and peace building, and climate and disaster resilience.


The United Nations International Computing Centre (UNICC) has over 50 years of experience as the largest strategic partner for digital solutions and cybersecurity within the United Nations system. UNICC is committed to delivering innovative, forward-looking and reliable system-wide solutions in line with the UN Secretary-General’s Strategy on New Technologies, the UN Secretary-General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation and the Common Agenda. With UNICC’s world-class Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence, data and analytics practice and an array of platform, software and infrastructure solutions, UNICC serves the entire of the UN family and other international organizations with similar missions and values for the benefit of the world.

Call for Presentations

We are inviting speakers that would like to present at this Technical Colloquium. Presentations are 45 mins with 15 mins slot reserved for questions. Any experience related to techniques, case studies/lessons learned, or research related to incident response are welcome. Topics related to ML/AI application in cybersecurity will be prioritized.

We encourage sharing materials that are TLP CLEAR due to the nature of the open conference and the possibility of the content being shared with a wider audience (non-FIRST members) via recording or live streaming for remote participants.

For your submission or any questions, please provide the following information:

Travel Support

No cost to attend but visa/travel/accommodation support is not provided for speakers or attendees.

Conference Venue

The UNDP CDN will take place at the United Nations Support Base in Valencia, Spain, hosted by UNICC at the following physical address:

Avenida Comarques del País Valencia, 2
46930 Quart de Poblet,
Valencia, Spain

United Nations Information and Communications Technology Facility (UNICTF)

Click on the map to see it enlarged on Google Maps.


Transfer Services

There will be bus transfer services for the UNDP CDN participants from Valencia City Center to the UN Base in the mornings and from the UN Base to Valencia City Center with the following details:

From Time Pick-up point
Valencia City Center 8:30 AM daily From: C/ de l'Arquebisbe Mayoral & C/ de Sant Pau
UN Base 17:45 daily From: Outside the main entrance to the UN Base

The bus will have UNICC sign at the front window. Please kindly make sure you arrive at the pick-up point in time.

Please, also double check and make sure this is the bus that goes to the UN Base (as there might be several similar buses at this time). In any case, there will be UNICC staff member as well, to help you to board.

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Click on the map to see it enlarged on Google Maps.

Accessing UNICC premises by Taxi Services:

Taxis in Valencia are usually white vehicles. To hail a taxi, you need to raise your hand. You may also reserve a taxi by phone, take it at a taxi rank or hail a passing one down. Journeys may be paid by both credit cards and cash. Make sure you have smaller notes so that a driver can give you change, in case you opt to pay with cash.

There are several companies that can be called to order a taxi:

Many taxi drivers may not be familiar yet with UNICTF’s location; we recommend you give them the following driving directions:

Public transportation tips below:

By Metro/Underground

The nearest metro station is "Aeroport", and located at the airport, but the UNICTF is on the other side of the runway, therefore it cannot be reached by public transportation or by foot.