2022 TF-CSIRT Meeting & FIRST Regional Symposium Europe

  • 2022 TF-CSIRT Meeting & FIRST Regional Symposium Europe

2022 TF-CSIRT Meeting & FIRST Regional Symposium Europe

March 2-3, 2022 | Presented via Zoom

The 2022 TF-CSIRT Meeting & FIRST Regional Symposium Europe will be held online March 2nd- 3rd, 2022. Co-organized with GEANT.

Call for Speakers | Submission Deadline is January 14, 2022

FIRST and TF-CSIRT are conducting a joint call for papers for sessions. Some suggested topics are as follows:

Please include the following information and submit to symposium-europe@first.org by January 14, 2022:

All sessions should be TLP:White and suitable for publication. TLP information at https://www.first.org/tlp/.

We are also accepting proposals for Lightning Talks and Panel Discussions & Debates.

Lightning Talks Submissions

Limited to 5 minutes only to present one idea, thought or issue that you think the audience should hear. It may be a quick team update, introduction of a new team, or anything you would like to share but do not need a full slot for. Please contact symposium-europe@first.org with the title of your proposed lightning talk.

Panel Discussions & Debates

Would you like to see a group of experts discussing a current issue on the virtual stage and have a possibility to ask questions? Please suggest a topic for a panel discussion or a debate. If you would like to find the experts and run it - we'd be happy to consider your suggestions. If you do not, but have a good subject in mind, that is fine too, just send the topic to symposium-europe@first.org and we will do our best to make it happen.

More event details including event page and registration will be available soon!


Please contact symposium-europe@first.org.