Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups exist to provide a forum where FIRST Members can discuss topics of common interest to the Incident Response community. A SIG is a group of individuals composed of FIRST Members and invited parties, typically coming together to explore an area of interest or specific technology area, with a goal of collaborating and sharing expertise and experiences to address common challenges.

Special Interest Groups are either:

Want to create a SIG?

FIRST Members who are interested in forming a new SIG should submit a request here: FIRST Sig Support

View the SIG Proposal Checklist in DOCX format (21 KB)

Working Groups

Working Groups are initiated by vote of the Board of Directors and based on a charter proposed by a member. They address a particular problem or concern of interest to FIRST members. Current working groups include:

Standards Groups

Standards Groups are intended to develop a standard for internal use or external publication. They are initiated based on a charter and a vote of the Board of Directors. Current Standards Groups include:

Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups are less structured groups which allow for discussion on a particular topic. Discussion Groups do not require a charter but will generally not receive any direct resourcing from FIRST aside from meeting resources. Current Discussion Groups include:

Bird of a Feather Sessions

Bird of a Feather Sessions, who's activities primarily focus on meetings which take place at the conference based on the interest of a number of members. They are not necessarily intended to lead to year round work. When they do, the key participants can request one of the other types of groups above to be created.