123456 again?! Why aren't we learning to address the human factor more successfully?

People have become the main driver for breaches but the human factors remain insufficiently addressed in the IT security sector. We are working on changing that.

The mission of the SIG “Human Factors in Security” is to improve the understanding of human factors in security among security professionals worldwide. To achieve this goal we will facilitate a regular exchange on methods, measures and skill sets to effectively address the human factors in security.

In other words, we would like to stop this fight: Dave is an ally not the opponent.

Figure 1

Biggest security threat, weakest link, layer 8 problem, DAU, Luser and the list goes on. If you're also fed up with having to play the user-shaming Bingo as a coping strategy, come and join us!


Meeting 1 (24 May): Introduction and Objectives

Proposed topics for meetings 2-5

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