Digital Safety SIG

Rethinking Cybersecurity Objectives


Our Cybersecurity activities need to deliver the expected results. There is an emerging discussion to rethink our objective. What would happen if we shift our goals from protecting things (cybersecurity) to protecting people (safety). The Digital Safety SIG would gather an informal movement of conversations in APJ into a focus working SIG.

Our massively digitally interconnected society increases the risk to people’s safety. The Digital Safety SIG will pull together interested parties to explore what it means if we rethink our goals (protecting people), learn how other parts of civil society focused on people’s safety (i.e. civil engineering), and what we can do today to promote a “rethinking.”

Figure 1


The first-year objective focuses on gathering the community and discussing the rethinking.



Membership and Joining the SIG

FIRST members are automatically approved to join the SIG. Applications from non-FIRST members must be approved by the SIG chairs.

If you're interested in joining, please check out the policies page, which includes details on sharing information and our Code of Conduct.

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