Security Lounge SIG


The Security Lounge SIG designs, develops, and conducts security challenge and competition exercises for the community. Our flagship event is held during the FIRST annual conference. This SIG will maintain an archive of exercises for related events and to be made available to members to adapt for their own training and event exercises.


Each year the Security Lounge SIG has a set of recurring goals:

Deliverables for the 2018-2019 are:



The core SIG ( team does not have an open membership model. Much of the development activity of the SIG is not applicable to the general public, since it would potentially disclose restricted information to competition events. SIG team members are made up of select experts who have a wide array of experience in areas such as systems administration, network engineering, information security forensics, data analysis, and software development. SIG team members are expected to contribute to the development of challenges, to provide support for challenge events, and regularly participate in SIG meetings. SIG chairs will periodically solicit or accept new members as required based on the expected workload for the coming year. Anyone interested in joining the SIG team should contact the chairs and inquire about availability and opportunities to participate in the SIG team.

The SIG does have a closed discussion mailing list ( that anyone may join and participate in (please complete the Request to Join form below). This list is used for discussion and SIG-related information exchange.

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