Team Information
Team name AB-CSIRT
Official team name Alpha Bank Computer Security Incident Response Team
Member since June 29, 2020
Host organization Alpha Bank
Country of team Greece  GR
Date of establishment 2018-11-01
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +302103262931
Emergency telephone number +306940474742
E-mail address
Facsimile number +302103262932
Postal address Cybersecurity and Information Security Division, Alpha Bank Panepistimiou 43, Athens, Attica, Greece 10564
Business Hours
Timezone GMT +2
Description of business hours AB-CSIRT hours of operations are generally regular business hours (08:00 – 17:00, Monday to Friday except Greek Banking Holidays).
How to contact outside business hours Outside working hours, a duty operator can be contacted via the AB-CS
Type of Constituency Financial sector
Source of Constituency Both external and internal
Description of Constituency Internal constituency: -Alpha Bank internal users -Alpha Bank Group assets -Subsidiaries of Alpha Bank Group -Alpha Bank clients External Partners: -Members of the Financial Sector in Greece or Europe that might request support -Greek National CERT and Ministry of Digital Governance as the national authorities for Cybersecurity -EBA/SSM, ECB and the Bank of Greece as primary Regulators
Internet Domain Address alpha.gr
Country of Constituency Greece  GR
PGP key id 0xE681E5E644BAA49B
PGP fingerprint 650F8CBABF2D106F81ECAC70E681E5E644BAA49B
Team PGP public key 650F 8CBA BF2D 106F 81EC AC70 E681 E5E6 44BA A49B  
Alpha Bank CSIRT <csirt@alpha.gr>
Updated on September 23, 2019 09:02 UTC
Expired on September 23, 2022 09:00 UTC
PGP key is expired.

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