Team Information
Team name Bell IPCR
Official team name Bell Canada Information Security Response / CIRT
Member since November 28, 2007
Host organization Bell Canada
Country of team Canada  CA
Date of establishment 2001-12-24
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +1-866-714-0911
Emergency telephone number +1-866-714-0911
E-mail address
Postal address Bell Canada CIRT 393 Rideau Street Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N-1H1
Business Hours
Timezone GMT
Description of business hours Staff are on-site during normal business hours (8h00-16h00 local time)
How to contact outside business hours North America: 1.866.714.0911 International: 1.514.350.3109 Via email to, detailing the issue.
Type of Constituency ISP customer base
Source of Constituency External to host
Description of Constituency For 127 years Bell Canada has served Canadians’ communication needs. With local and long distance phone service, wireless voice and data services, internet access, satellite television, and a host of other solutions and services to Canadians.
Internet Domain Address
Country of Constituency Canada  CA
PGP key id 0xB266A66EC081ABAD
PGP fingerprint 212CC0400111BC6BCE591448B266A66EC081ABAD
Team PGP public key 212C C040 0111 BC6B CE59 1448 B266 A66E C081 ABAD  
Updated on December 9, 2008 18:42 UTC

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