Team Information
Team name C3-Certis
Official team name C3
Member since March 26, 2020
Host organization Certis -Cyber Competency Centre
Country of team Singapore  SG
Date of establishment 1972-07-01
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +65 6856 8799
Emergency telephone number +65 6856 8799
E-mail address
Facsimile number N.A
Other communication facilities N.A
Postal address Certis Security Pte Ltd 20 Jalan Afifi Singapore 409179
Business Hours
Timezone 09:00-18:00
How to contact outside business hours via Email
Type of Constituency Government, Private and Public sectors
Source of Constituency Internal to host
Description of Constituency Internal to host
Internet Domain Address All domain containing *.certisgroup.*
Country of Constituency Singapore  SG
PGP key id 0xC60AED2ED6F0F007
PGP fingerprint BD4BACF29524B5F55A4F09A0C60AED2ED6F0F007
Team PGP public key BD4B ACF2 9524 B5F5 5A4F 09A0 C60A ED2E D6F0 F007  
C3 IFR Group (This is a group email) <C3_IFR@certisgroup.cpm>
Updated on April 1, 2019 06:12 UTC
Expires on April 1, 2031 04:00 UTC

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