Team Information
Team name CFCS
Official team name Centre For Cyber Security (DK)
Member since June 1, 2011
Host organization Danish Ministry of Defence
Country of team Denmark  DK
Date of establishment 2009-06-01
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +4533325566
E-mail address
Postal address Centre for Cyber Security Kastellet 30 2100 Copenhagen Ø Denmark
Business Hours
Timezone CET
Description of business hours 24/7/365
Type of Constituency Government, Private and Public sectors
Description of Constituency The primary constituency is centered around the Danish Ministries and governmental institutions as a whole. Futhermore, the Danish GovCERT has additional target groups consisting of sectors critical for the Danish state.
Internet Domain Address It is not possible to determine precisely the domain and or IP address information of the constituency. In general the domains lie within the .dk country code, but might as well fall into other domain
Country of Constituency Denmark  DK
PGP key id 0x3CDA68796740E2CD
PGP fingerprint 2CE4BA61B873B0890BE94ED23CDA68796740E2CD
Team PGP public key 2CE4 BA61 B873 B089 0BE9 4ED2 3CDA 6879 6740 E2CD  
Center for Cybersikkerhed (Center for Cybersecurity, Denmark) (Center for Cybersecurity, Denmark) <>
The Danish GovCERT <>
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