Team Information
Team name CSIRT-RD
Official team name Dominican Republic National CSIRT
Member since December 16, 2020
Host organization National CSIRT
Country of team Dominican Republic (the)  DO
Date of establishment 2018-06-19
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +18094804727
Emergency telephone number +18297607815
E-mail address
Postal address Av. 27 de febrero esq,. Luperon, Ministerio de Defensa
Business Hours
Timezone GMT -4
Description of business hours 0800hrs - 1700hrs from monday to friday
How to contact outside business hours +18097691953 +18297607815 +18094804727 incidentes@csirt.gob.do https://cncs.gob.do/reportar-incidentes/
Type of Constituency Government, Private and Public sectors
Source of Constituency Both external and internal
Description of Constituency As per our National Cybersecurity strategy, our constituency is comprised mainly for government institutions and sectors (private and public) having a “national critical function”. We are also responsible for maintain proper security awareness of Dominican citizens in general, and making sure public, academic and private sectors work in collaboration towards enhancing our national Cybersecurity posture.
Internet Domain Address .gob.do .com.do .mil.do .gov.do .edu.do .do .net.do .org.do
Country of Constituency Dominican Republic (the)  DO
PGP key id 0x92EB51BD373F9423
PGP fingerprint 30738B9FF32205FA60AD59CB92EB51BD373F9423
Team PGP public key 3073 8B9F F322 05FA 60AD 59CB 92EB 51BD 373F 9423  
Incidentes CSIRT-RD <incidentes@csirt.gob.do>
Updated on June 16, 2020 20:53 UTC
Expires on June 16, 2024 20:53 UTC

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