Team Information
Official team name Response Team Computer Security Incident of the Colombian National Police
Member since April 6, 2012
Host organization Policia Nacional de Colombia (Colombian National Police)
Country of team Colombia  CO
Date of establishment 2011-01-01
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +57 (1) 3159090
Emergency telephone number +57 (1) 3159231
E-mail address
Facsimile number +57 (1) 3159593
Postal address Carrera 59 No 26-21 CAN Bogotá, Colombia (Zip Code 111321)
Business Hours
Timezone GMT-5
Description of business hours 24X7X365
How to contact outside business hours Procedures for contacting the teams outside business hours the contact must be through email message to ponal.csirt@policia.gov.co y within hours of the night in the number 57-1- 3159231.
Type of Constituency Government & military
Description of Constituency The National Police of Colombia is a permanent armed force of a civil nature, in charge of the nation, whose primary purpose is to maintain the conditions necessary for the exercise of the rights and liberties and to ensure that the people of Colombia l
Internet Domain Address o www.policia.gov.co o www.ccp.gov.co
PGP key id 0xB65E5FE5F4E5B303
PGP fingerprint 8550115FAA2FB5939E31E773B65E5FE5F4E5B303
Team PGP public key 8550 115F AA2F B593 9E31 E773 B65E 5FE5 F4E5 B303  
CSIRT PONAL <ponal.csirt@policia.gov.co>
Updated on December 3, 2011 00:24 UTC

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