Team Information
Official team nameDefence Science & Technology Agency Cyber Security Incident Response Team
Member sinceMarch 1, 2012
Host organizationDefence Science & Technology Agency
Country of teamSingapore  SG
Date of establishment2010-11-29
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number+65-6819-5333
E-mail address
Postal address1 Depot Road Singapore 109679
Business Hours
Description of business hours0830-1800 hour (GMT +0800, Singapore Time)
How to contact outside business hoursThrough email
Source of ConstituencyInternal to host
Description of ConstituencyTo harness and exploit science and technology, and provide technological and engineering support, to meet the defence and national security needs of Singapore.
Internet Domain Addressdsta.gov.sg
Country of ConstituencySingapore  SG
PGP key id0xDAC0F32F08192BD6
PGP fingerprint8D09 B393 565F C3AB AFBE AE2F DAC0 F32F 0819 2BD6
Team PGP public key-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mDMEZEnWDRYJKwYBBAHaRw8BAQdArefp72kUpZcEfwxKVNlT5+orqP4A63rrg1Cg 1JrolU20HkRTVEEtQ1NJUlQgPGNzaXJ0QGRzdGEuZ292LnNnPoiTBBMWCgA7FiEE jQmzk1Zfw6uvvq4v2sDzLwgZK9YFAmRJ1g0CGwMFCwkIBwICIgIGFQoJCAsCBBYC AwECHgcCF4AACgkQ2sDzLwgZK9YI1wEA06mDaFjhqrIniKOT/xooq7Eum4EJTYFs DgfM9qJihTIBAPJpnaF8ylVjhz8hsYylUTuhm6jTNv4PvVo9q4ay6W8AuDgEZEnW DRIKKwYBBAGXVQEFAQEHQDGaNXLb7K2ez75+qGm7HYJkP1xO/fsjI0+bsSJCuaoK AwEIB4h4BBgWCgAgFiEEjQmzk1Zfw6uvvq4v2sDzLwgZK9YFAmRJ1g0CGwwACgkQ 2sDzLwgZK9ZAIQEAyaiyc3HxzzN0kkI9aN0cgJJVZZwyVBaZO59Nr3a1RVoA/1tg wYRYwVKLTBmX0nz25Jbj3R0AhpQCpC9Xl9qVZ5AN =CQlF -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

Team contact information provided for Incident Response purposes only. FIRST strictly prohibits the use of contact information for solicitation or marketing.

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