Team Information
Team name DSTA-CSIRT
Official team name Defence Science & Technology Agency Computer Security Incident Response Team
Member since March 1, 2012
Host organization Defence Science & Technology Agency
Country of team Singapore  SG
Date of establishment 2010-11-29
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +65-6819-5333
E-mail address
Postal address 1 Depot Road Singapore 109679
Business Hours
Timezone GMT+0800
Description of business hours 0830-1800 hour (GMT +0800, Singapore Time)
How to contact outside business hours Through email
Source of Constituency Internal to host
Description of Constituency To harness and exploit science and technology, and provide technological and engineering support, to meet the defence and national security needs of Singapore.
Internet Domain Address dsta.gov.sg
Country of Constituency Singapore  SG
PGP key id 0x7153A89F7AF57D37
PGP fingerprint 599E5485DAEE8401C90BBFE17153A89F7AF57D37
Team PGP public key 599E 5485 DAEE 8401 C90B BFE1 7153 A89F 7AF5 7D37  
FIRST Team Account <FIRST-TEAM@dsta.gov.sg>
Updated on November 21, 2011 07:42 UTC

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