Team Information
Team nameIDR-IR
Official team nameFacebook Incident Response Team
Host organizationFacebook Inc
Country of teamUnited States of America (the)  US
Other countries of teamUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)  GB
Date of establishment2004-02-14
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number+44-07825063977
Emergency telephone number+44-07825063977
E-mail address
Postal address1 Hacker Way Menlo Park CA 94025
Business Hours
Description of business hours9AM to 6PM PST and 9AM to 6PM GMT Monday to Friday
How to contact outside business hoursPlease dont submit Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp platform request here. Teams focus is Facebook infra and corporate space. following order: email to team, email to individual and finally phone cal
Type of ConstituencyICT vendor customer base
Source of ConstituencyInternal to host
Description of ConstituencyFB-SIR is the team at Facebook that works on breach detection, digital investigations and responds to security incidents.
Internet Domain,, ASN#: AS32934
Country of ConstituencyUnited States of America (the)  US

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